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Location: Berkovitsa, Town
Road: Asphalt road
Status: For sale

The Berkovitsa’ mountain, with highest point Kom Peak (2 016 m above sea-level), has plenty of the best conditions to development of alpine ski events in West Stara Planina. This fact and also the nearness to the capital Sofia and to the big towns Vratsa and Montana, determine the perspectives for developing of the region as an independent alpine health resort for sport and tourism with local and national value.

The sport and tourism area is situated in the Berkovitsa’ part of Stara planina, from elevation 900 to elevation 1 940 m above sea-level. Its natural growth is from Kom Peak to Berkovitsa and to Barzia village.

The relief is varied, with North and North-East aspect, with slope between 10% and 50%. The climate is with good stability of blanket of snow – 4 months.

There is already exists an 800 m long ski path with two drag-machines.
The project envisages the building of six chair lifts. Chair lift No1 and chair lift No3 will serve as a connection to the highest points – Sreden and Malak Kom. Chair lift No2 will connect the two directions of the zone and the adjacent ski paths. Chair lift No4 will connect Shtarkovitsa Peak with Barzia village. The last two chair lifts will be used as main lifts if some bad meteorological conditions are hold-back to use the first two chair lifts.
We are envisage and other connection with Berkovitsa through building of another two chair lifts – No5 and No6. This will allow to build accommodation places in this area and in town, too.
It is provided the main chair lifts to be opened, with three and four seats, excepting chair lift No6 who will be booth type.

Also there will be ski paths for every type of skiers.
Ski zone I – “Kom” – is for middle-bracket and good skiers. It is from Sreden Kom Peak to the bottom station of chair lift No1. This ski path is varied, mainly “blue” type.
Ski zone II – “Malak Kom” – is for good and high skiers. It gets to intermediate station of chair lift No2.
Ski zone III – “Funiata” – is for poor and middle-bracket skiers. It is from hut “Kom” to intermediate station of chair lift No2.
Ski zone IV – “Miteriza” – is for good and high skiers.
Ski zone V – “Hut Kom” – is for middle-bracket and good skiers.

Every ski zone is well-provided with transport facilities and a ski path. The transport facilities (the chair lifts) are with total length 9 400 m (including already existing) and with capacity from 1 045 people per hour.
The ski paths total length is 13 km with an option in the future to be 25 km. Displacement of the different ski paths is from 130 m to 780 m. The average of ski paths is from 16% to 35%.
With these equipments the optimum number of skiers will amount to 2 500 people with possibility to increase about 1.5 times.
There is a plan for a snow-board path, training roller-skates path, a shooting ground and a path for biathlon, responding to European requirements for implementing of training camps and competitions.   
We will build and a helicopter landing-place near to Shtarkovitsa Peak.

On this basis is defined the necessary number of beds in this area:
-         “Hut Kom” – 300 beds (200 from them are new);
-         kernel “Dolna koria” – 200 beds;
-         kernel “Shtarkovitsa” – 1 000 beds;
-         kernel “Prashkovitsa” – 700 beds.

Total:   2 200 beds.

The rest 2 500 new beds is expecting to build in town of Berkovitsa.

The necessary quantity of water for daily and operating wants will be ensured from the newly constructed pond in Muchurishte place. It will not affect the water area for the town of Berkovitsa. On the contrary – it will be a reserve for the inhabitants of Berkovitsa during the dry summer months.

We will build also recycle stations for drinking water and recycle stations for wasted water.

            Mostly the electric power will come from alternative sources.

Interior limit for all-year using of the “Balkan of Berkovitsa” sports and tourism complex capacity is 20%. A reason for that is the implementation of a PHARE Programme Project for developing of eco tourism as well as opportunities for delta- and paragliding. During the summer season the ski paths can be used for bikes.

In its initial stage the construction includes building of ski paths, elevating gears, accommodation places (tea-rooms, ski rooms, information centre, a health centre), parking places and a part from the hotels (about 1 000 beds). The constructed initial stage should be completed in workable mode for achieving of fast effect from the investments.

We are envisage most of hotel and accommodation services to be given in hands of local private initiative, especially in the area of the chair lift bottom station in town of Berkovitsa.



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