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Information on the city of Nessebar

The picturesque town of Nessebar (population 9437 inhabitants), one of the oldest European towns is situated on a small peninsula, 37 km north-east of Bourgas and 429 km east of Sofia. The beach is considered to be the best along the Black Sea coast.
Today Nessebar is one of the resorts most preferred by tourists.
The old town of Nessebar is under the protection of UNESCO. The old building were restored and new houses in ancient style were built.

 The town of Nessebar is one of the oldest towns in Europe. It is the successor of the ancient Thracian settlement called Mesambria founded in the Second century AD. Its name means town of Melsa. Since 510 AD it was turned into Greek colony town by Dorian settlers. They called it Mesambria. There was a theatre and a temple of the Greek God Apollo in it. Brass and silver money were coined there, and in the third century AD - golden ones. It was occupied in 72 AD by a Roman garrison. It started to play important role again in III-IV century.
In the year 812 Khan Krum conquered the town. In 864 Boris I yielded the possession of the town to Byzantine, but King Simeon captured it again. Since XI century the Slav name Messebar or Nessebar has been used together with the original name Mesambria.

 The churches in Nessebar are 41. Not all of them have preserved their full brilliance but even their present condition strongly impresses tourists.
One of the oldest sights is the Basilica situated on the seashore, built probably at the beginning of 5 th century.
The St. John the Baptist church was built in 10 th century and is a typical cross domed church with three naves.
The St. Stefan church, the St. Todor church, the St. Paraskeva church, the Pantocrator church. The St. John Aliturgetos church is considered to be the most beautiful one.
The typical houses of Nessebar built in the unique style of 16 th- 19 th centuries are interesting architectural monuments.

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