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Information on the city of Glavatartsi

 Lately the village of Glavatartsi is called the Rhodopan Beverley Hills. It is situated 392m. above sea-level. The beauty, enchantment and originality of this mountain village are unbelievable.

    At the beginning of the village, on the right side of the road is outlined “Glavatarski han” with its unique architecture. It has 20 rooms and 5 apartments, a restaurant, a conference hall, a sauna, a massage room, internet, a swimming pool, a summer bar, a summer garden with barbecue.

   The proximity of the “Boliarka” complex to the hotel (50m.) is a premise for the usage of its base. There are two more hotels near it (“Trifon Zarezan” and the boarding-house “Jivka's cottage”) which offer numerous entertainments, airs and graces.

Possibilities for tourism:

Cultural and historical tourism
- you have the chance to visit the ancient Thracian fortress “Perperikon”, the sanctuary Tatul – the Bulgarian “Stonehenge” , the medieval monastery complex “St. Joan Prodrom”, the monastery complex “Maria`s Conceive”, the “Devils bridge”, “The marriage of stones”, “The mushrooms of stone”, through one of the both hotels (“Glavatarski han” and “Trifon Zarezan”) as it provides you a tour guide and programme with own car.
Water tourism - The lake “Kardjali” offers the possibility for yachting, surf and swimming.
Fishing tourism - sheat fish, carp, trout
Game tourism - the hunting areas “Zhenda”, “Studen kladenets” organize hunting tourism.
Mountain tourism - there are 30 eco-paths in the region

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