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Information on the city of Chirpan

The town of Chirpan (population: 20 468 inhabitants) is situated 180 meters above the sea level, on a hilly place formed by the southern slopes of Sredna Gora mountain, along the banks of the Tekirska river. It is located 201km. south-east of Sofia, 51 km. east of Plovdiv and 39 km. south-west of Stara Zagora. It is an administrative center. Chirpan is a birth place of many eminent Bulgarian writers, musicians, revolutionaries, artists and etc. Here was born the associate and friend of Vassil Levski the painter Georgi Danchov, who had painted the most precise portrait of Levski. It is a birthplace of the revolutionaries Stoyo Filipov, Dimitar Matevski, Ivan Andonov, Manol Kolarov and others. Here is the home of the eminent Bulgarian poet Peyo Javorov, the great folklore singer Atanaska Todorova, the well-known musician Emil Kamelarov and many other men of letter.

Chirpan is considered the heir to the Roman settlement Sherampol which was established close to the Roman town of Pizus (7 km. to the north of today’s Chirpan). It has been accepted that Sherampol was established by fleeing refugees. According to historical documents the town came into existence on its today’s place in XV th century. The present name “Chirpan” is supposed to be derived and adapted from the Roman name. It is connected with the Tekir well, around which the town was established. During the period of the Bulgarian Revival (18 – 19 th century) the settlement had a town-type of structure with well developed agriculture and crafts. After the Liberation of Bulgaria (1876) the people of Chirpan were among the first who struggled for the Union of Eastern Rumelia and Bulgarian Principality. Nowadays on the 6 th of September (The Union of Bulgaria) is celebrated the feast of the town. During the period after the Liberation crafts were in decay due to the loss of markets in the Turkish empire but in their place vine growing and wine making witnessed a rapid development.
Of special interest in the town is the house-museum of the eminent Bulgarian poet Peyo Javorov, situated in the central town part. It is open all year round and preserves documents, photos and items that illustrate the Javorov’s work and life. The Historical museum is situated in a 2-storey building. It conducts historical, archeological and ethnographic studies in the region of Chirpan. The house of G. Danchov, situated in the center (now an entertainment establishment offering Bulgarian dishes) is a supreme example of Bulgarian Revival Art. The Tiankov house that hosts the town art gallery and the Manchev house that hosts an art gallery, stand out with their exceptional architectural design of the past century. The most interesting and best-preserved house from the beginning of the 20 th century now hosts the BULBANK. The “Holy Mother” church, built in 1846 is one of the 4 oldest churches of its kind in the town. The other churches are: “St. Archangel Michael”, “St. St. Kiril and Methodius”, and “St. Spas”.

Every year, Chirpan celebrates the “January Days of Javorov” – a festival of literature and art in honor of the great poet. Every odd year the town witnesses the “National Contest for Country Music Performers – Atanaska Todorova” in memory of the great Chirpan-born singer. On the 6 th of September is celebrated the feast of the town.

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